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We Provide Assistance Filing Insurance Claims

Whatley Roofing has many years of handling Insurance Claims. After we have inspected your property, we sit down with each client and review our detailed estimate for replacement of damaged property. The Next step is to walk each customer through what is needed to work with your Insurance Company.

Our Dallas roofers have experience and offer their services with negotiating insurance claims with the best interest of the client in mind. If you need assistance filing a roof claim in pursuit of damages, you can look to our team for comprehensive assistance.

How to File a Roof Replacement Insurance Claim with Your Homeowners Insurance Company in Easy Steps

Most homeowners, when working with their insurance company to have their roof replaced under their homeowner’s insurance due to a hail storm, high winds, hurricane, inclement weather and the like often get perplexed regarding the process. No need to fear! Here is an explanation, in easy-to-understand terms, of how most roofing claims proceed with your homeowner’s insurance company.

Step 1 – Call a Reputable Roofing Contractor

Before you call your insurance agent and the claims department at your insurance company, you should first have your roof checked by a highly-regarded roofer. Why? If you believe that you have damage to your roof and don’t have your roof inspected, but call your insurance company first, it is possible that you have just filed an insurance claim on your roof whether you have damage or not.

Contact a reputable, experienced roofing contractor and make sure that they are licensed and insured. The roofer will do a thorough inspection of all damage to your roof as well as gutters and other items. The roofer will put access the damage and document it with photographs. The next step is a written detailed document listing out all things that need to be replaced or repaired. It is now time to move on to Step 2.

Step 2 – Call Your Insurance Company

To call in a claim, you can either call your insurance agent for help or call the claims department at the insurance company directly. You will be asked questions like: “What kind of damage do you have?” “When did the damage happen?” as well as numerous other questions. Once the customer service representative has taken all your information, he or she will assign the claim to an adjuster, which leads to Step 3.

Step 3 – Inspection by The Insurance Adjuster

The insurance company’s claims adjuster will call you to make an appoint to verify you have damage to your roof by inspecting your roof.  You don’t necessarily have to be there when the adjuster is at your home. However, it is a good idea to be there along with your roofing contractor (if you already have a roofer selected) as most contractors prefer to be there when the adjuster completes the roof inspection.

Step 4 – Receiving The Estimate Letter and Check

Upon receiving the documented claim information, the insurance adjuster will provide an estimate letter with an agreed scope of the work to be done and an agreed price. The estimate letter will show, a line-by-line detail of everything that the adjuster is paying the claim. In addition to the roof, it may include replacing sub-roofing, gutters, attic vents, etc.

Here’s where most homeowner’s get confused. If your insurance policy is “Replacement Cost Value,” rather than “Actual Cash Value” then the amount of the estimate minus your deductible will be the amount you receive. If your policy is “Actual Cash Value” you will be given a check for the sum of the estimate, LESS the depreciation, and LESS your deductible. You will be responsible for paying the difference between the cost of your roof repair/replacement.

Be sure to check your policy to make sure whether your policy is “Actual Cash Value” or “Replacement Cost Value.”

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